How To Strengthen Your Liver

The liver is an organ that purifies the blood of toxins and transforms them into harmless substances the body.

The liver is charged with the implementation of many features, so if it is overloaded, the whole system begins to be less effective.

To perform their normal functions, the liver requires high doses of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, your diet should include enough fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients, preferably fresh and raw. Nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can severely disrupt natural processes of detoxification in the body.vitamins-and-minerals

As food additives and preservatives as ingredients of food have to be filtered by the liver, not harm the fabric your meal should contain tiny amounts of processed foods, artificial food additives, coloring’s and preservatives. Furthermore, in order to reduce the work of your liver, you should consume foods low in refined sugar and harmful synthetic sweeteners.

Avoid margarine, foods with a lot fats and fried foods. Eat more unrefined vegetable oils, but do not overdo them.

Water is most important for in our life. We can not live without water. But is should be clean and pure. Enough drinking water can promote our liver, maintain temperature of our body and process functionality of our body. Drink between 8-10 glasses of pure filtered water every day. This is the only way the liver can effectively discard toxins from your body, as some of them are soluble in water and throw out tissues.drinking-water

Start the day and drink 1 cup of water to which you add the fresh juice of half a lemon. Lemon has detoxifying abilities and helps the liver to perform its functions effectively.

Eat more carrots, red beets, and leafy green vegetables. They help to load the tissue with antioxidant ingredients so that the liver can recover much better.

Eat lots of garlic, onions and broccoli as they contain sulfur. It is necessary to increase the detoxification properties of the liver. Furthermore, garlic and onions contain natural antimicrobial ingredients that cleanse bacteria.

While lying on your back watching TV or reading a book with a hand massage area in the liver and bile. These movements help to improve circulation and activate the activity of the bodies.