The 6 Seeds Of Health

Mellow or raw, the seeds, the peanuts, the nuts and the sweet chestnuts represent the delight of many winter nights. They support the organism’s immunity, protect the heart and give us energy. You just have to keep them away from oil and salt.

The pumpkin seeds help the blood circulation. The pumpkin is sweet, but it has good fats, very necessary for the organism. It is rich in vitamins E and C and in beta carotene, being recommended in any fall cure. During the winter, its seeds can be consumed.


raw or in a raw salad. The specialists recommend these seeds especially for the people with heart diseases. They adjust the cholesterol level and also maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels because of their fat acids. Also, the pumpkin seeds can help your kidneys.

The almond seeds, a deposit of minerals: Sweet and nutritive, the almonds seeds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium and copper. They balance the calcium level from your organism, maintain the bones strong, and also help the nervous system. It has recently been discovered that the almond seeds help lower the cholesterol level from the blood and keep the blood pressure at a normal rate. They are an important source of vitamin E, which is good for the skin health. the-almond-seeds

Be careful, the almond seeds must be consumed raw and sweet, because the bitter ones are used only in pharmaceutical industry.

The ground nuts protect the heart.The tannin from them dilate the blood vessels and protect the human body from heart diseases. They have a great nutritive value.100 grams of ground peanuts contain 200 Kcal, but because of this property they are not recommended as an energizing remedy for weakly children and for old persons. the-ground-nuts

The ground nuts are also known for the fact that they adjust the blood’s sugar level.

The sweet chestnuts, a remedy for the convalescents. Rich in starch and with a low sugar level, the sweet chestnuts have a great calories powder: 100 grams of fruit have 200 calories.The sweet chestnuts also contain numerous minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. the-sweet-chestnuts

Unlike other fruits that require thermal processing, the mashed sweet chestnuts  keep most of its vitamins from the raw seed. That is why it is considered to have antiseptic properties.

The sunflower seeds: a source of energy.Vitamins E and B and the copper are the main “weapons” used by the sunflower seeds to protect your health. It is important to consume them raw or maybe baked, without salt. The same as the other ones, they contain fats which protect the heart. the-sunflower-seeds

30 grams of sunflower seeds eaten daily are recommended for a cure against kidney dis functionalities and also for good blood pressure in the outer zones. On the other hand, the fibers contained prevent digestive problems.

The walnuts: fight against “bad” fats. The walnut is a complete nutriment,rich in proteins and minerals. If you consume walnuts on a regular basis you can reduce the cholesterol level from your body. On the other hand, the walnuts are an important source of Omega 3 and they also prevent the mental stroke. Even if they have lots of calories, it is good to consume a few walnuts each day, because of their good effect towards the digestive system.

So, whether if you like the seeds or not, you should consider consuming some of them because they are a great source of minerals and they also help the body to stay in a good shape.